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Advantages of Tenant Representation

As tenant representatives, Corporate Real Estate Solutions goal is to create a transaction that meets our client's requirements ensuring the best possible value and economic terms. CRES has provided guidance and advice to a wide range of tenants including corporations, non-for-profit organizations, government agencies, foreign entities, law firms and large financial institutions. The exclusive tenant representation services CRES provides and the SOLUTIONS we create are all determined by the needs of our clients.

Unlike other real estate firms that represent both landlords and tenants, CRES avoids the potential for conflict of interest by providing unbiased spectrum of real estate advisory services. Using an exclusive tenant representative can maximize your ability to secure your company's preferred location and terms. This in turn puts your exclusive representative in the best position to confront competing properties with bids from alternative sites. This process can save your company significant time and money by: not; eliminating duplicate offers, loss of time to re-educate and update each of several brokers and by providing comparative analysis that would otherwise require in-house resources.

To begin your selection of representation we strongly recommend an exclusive tenant representative. Whatever our clients needs, CRES' tenant representative specialists are committed to providing superior service and tailor-made SOLUTIONS.

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