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The Alliance of Tenant Representatives (ATR) is an association of commercial real estate companies and professionals dedicated solely to representing tenants and buyers of commercial office space in the U.S. and abroad. Our members specialize in nonconflicted representation of tenants and buyers, and use the three "I's" to help their clients grow and succeed in today's marketplace.

Bringing integrity, intelligence and intensity to bear in the exclusive representation of
tenants and buyers acquiring and leasing commercial real estate

In the world of commercial real estate transactions, parties are often represented by a variety of consultants, agents and brokers, but rarely do they appreciate the full agenda of those representing them. Traditional commercial "Full Service" real estate firms provide services to both landlords and tenants; in the same transaction they may be facilitating a lease for a tenant in a landlord's building, and yet be listing that same landlord's property for lease or sale, providing management services to that landlord, or even procuring financing for that landlord.

This dual allegiance may appear subtle to most tenants, but history has proven it can significantly impact the quality of a tenant's representation. In fact, one of the biggest selling features full-service brokerage firms promote to prospective landlords/clients is their access to the tenants they represent. Well-informed tenants need to take this matter into account when selecting their representative.

The Alliance of Tenant Representatives rejects the concept of a full-service firm. Just as professional law firms conduct conflict searches before beginning work on a new project or with a new client, we believe real estate firms should do the same. The members of ATR do not and will not provide services to traditional landlords under any circumstance. In this way, we avoid the conflicts of interest that many of our competitors embrace. When our clients engage us to negotiate real estate transactions on their behalf, they do not need to worry about us conducting another transaction before, during or after that might impede our tenacious representation of their interests as a tenant or user. It's quite simple - ATR clients benefit from an unbiased focus and work ethic that places their interests as the #1 priority at all times.

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